The company Doberkmet has produced safety and quality equipment as attachments for agricultural tractors and small tractors.

The equipment has been specially developed by the company is effective and accessible, because of the main purchasers of products are private users and small farms. The company has made great strides in production of agricultural machines, that’s why the brand very popular among farmers.

Originally, the company had the vast majority of its production facilities located in Slovenia, allowing the production of mulchers, rotary tillers, ploughs, potato diggers, potato planters, cultivators and other agricultural machines according to all European quality standards. Due to the expansion of the operation of the company, Doberkmet has introduced their manufacturing processes in its brand factories in central Europe and Asia.

High precision and productive machine tools are used during the production of the equipment. Brand Doberkmet constantly extending the range of its equipment. Eurasiatekhinvest is a unique and exclusive representative of Doberkmet on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS Countries. The company Doberkmet uses innovative approaches in design and development of the equipment.